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Microblading PIgment

The most important decision for a professional microblading artist is the choice of pigment.

Designed specifically for the ultimate in clarity and definition in Semi Permanent Microblading, KremaKroma™ pigments can take your art to another level.  Creamy, hyper-concentrated and inorganic for reliable, safe treatments that fade naturally, without unwanted colour shifts, and are less influenced by skin undertone for easier pigment selection.


The revolutionary colour formulation means that there are just six base colours, two correctors and a warmth booster which will cover the majority of skin types. Add the fact that the hyper-concentration of colour will allow you to do a brow with only one drop of KremaKroma™ and these pigments can save on the cost per treatment too.

Upgrade to KremaKroma™ today with our limited offer of the essential colour collection, 5 of our most popular colours for the price of 4. Your clients will love you for it.

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