Links to Further Information

This is a very useful source of information from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Packed with the latest information and guidance for providers of 'Special Treatments' such as microblading and permanent makeup. It's a downloadable PDF document with links to additional resources.

ABT is the UK's largest beauty membership and insurance provider with over 12,000 members. Recommended for microblading treatment insurance, they will even cover treatments done for case studies.

The Guild is a respected and long established Beauty Industry organisation. Not usually known for insuring this treatment, they will also insure Dermagraph trained technicians if they are previously qualified to NVQ level 3 or above in Beauty.

ACTfast is the only safe and legal way to use Epinephrine and topical numbing creams as part of your treatment if you are not a medical professional. Dermagraph are the official ACTfast training providers for London and the South-East

Online certification course for infection control. CPD accredited Health & Safety training for Industrial, Beauty and Healthcare workers.

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