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Dermagraph Microblading are the specialists in semi permanent eyebrow treatments. Based in Windsor, we offer the UK's most complete microblading course and a range of professional microblading products, tools, pigments and supplies. As one of the first training academies to offer accredited microblading courses, Dermagraph have been at the forefront of developing this exciting treatment and raising standards for safety and sustainability, winning an international award for contribution to the industry. 


Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation have been around for many years but microblading has created a huge buzz in beauty circles. Some know Micro-Blading as Micro-Stroking, Nanoblading, Microneedling or Eyebrow Embroidery and the ability to create ultra-fine, hair-like strokes has elevated it's capability beyond what is achievable with machine based Cosmetic Tattooing.


Taking many of the tried and tested principles of PMU and adding a technique that allows the makeup artist to create amazing natural effects has made this treatment the hottest trend in salons around the world. Add to this the fact that microblade makeup is a semi-permanent technique, fading gently over time, and you have a treatment that appeals to a whole new audience. Correcting, enhancing or creating natural-looking features that will delight and astound your clients, nothing else compares.


Dermagraph is the creation of Wilma Dunn, a multi-award winning trainer and founder of one of Europe’s leading SPMU brands. Her aim is simple; to provide the best training and microblading products at down-to-earth prices. This will propel microblading into the mainstream and allow more to benefit from the treatment.


Microblading is not the easiest technique to learn. It should certainly not be considered as just a simpler form of cosmetic tattooing. To realise the full potential of this treatment requires skill and a lot of practice. An in-depth, specialist, microblading course is essential for success, so our training has been designed from the ground up to cover every aspect of this wonderful treatment. From experience, we know that a rehashed PMU course will not equip you to gain the full benefits of microblade makeup. It's essential to have a good balance of theory with expert coaching of the technique We’ve heard from many therapists who have spent a small fortune taking courses from artists that can do the treatment themselves but don’t have the resources or experience to teach it at the level needed for complete confidence.


At Dermagraph, our goal is to make you the best you can be in the shortest time and to give you the tools and materials you need to produce the highest quality work. From blade selection to providing a range of microblade pigments specifically designed for this technique we want to be a benchmark for quality in the beauty industry, a one-stop-shop for all your micropigmentation essentials and World leaders in this stunning treatment.



Microblading course accredited by the Beauty Guild
Microblading course accredited by ABT
Permanent Makeup World
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