KremaKroma™ SAMPLE - KK08 Dark Chocolate

KremaKroma™ SAMPLE - KK08 Dark Chocolate


Want to try this amazing microblading pigment for free? Buy a limited edition sample size and we'll send you a discount code for £10 off your next order of KremaKroma™.

KremaKroma™ is the ultimate range of super-concentrated inorganic pigments, specifically designed for the professional microblading artist. Beautiful, dense, creamy colour that flows from the blade for perfect hairstrokes, time after time.

Made in Europe, compliant with EU ResAP (2008)1, Hypoallergenic, Nickel and Ammine Free.

10ml Airless Pump.

  • Information

    Dark Chocolate KK08 is a popular colour for use on Fitzpatrick type 3,4 & 5 skin types that are olive, tan easily or if the client wants brows darkened beyond their natural shade. The colour is on the warm side of neutral.


    The latest generation of inorganic pigments are rich, dense and stable. Lasting longer and fading naturally without changing colour. They’re also less likely to cause an allergic reaction than traditional PMU inks and produce stunning, predictable results in the skin, time after time.

    Created in the laboratory of one of Europe’s leading colour chemists, over 20 years of experience has gone into the formulation of this amazing range. Fully compliant with ResAP (2008)1; the EU standard for safety in permanent makeup, they are hypoallergenic, ammine free and nickel tested, Safe for you, safe for your client.

    Once you try these extraordinary colours, you’ll wonder how you managed to microblade with ordinary permanent makeup pigments. The highest concentration of pure pigment available on the market means that dense colour clings to the blade and flows easily to the skin without clogging or drying. The colour goes exactly where you place it, less waste, better results, happier clients.


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