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Microblading Cosmetic Art Paper Roll Eyebrow Pencil - 1818 Type

Microblading 'Fineline' Pencil - Premium


Premium quality, '1818' type smudge and water resistant pencil, for marking out and creating realistic hairstrokes during the design phase of your microblading application.

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    Japanese type, paper roll, cosmetic pencil. Used to accurately mark the eyebrow template prior to treatment.

    • Smudge and water resistant: There’s nothing more annoying for a microblader than crafting beautiful hairstroke guides during your prep, only for your masterpiece to smudge and rub off during the procedure. Aaah! Not with this pencil.
    • Fine: this hardened pencil can be sharpened to an ultra-fine tip, for drawing fine, realistic hairstrokes throughout the design phase of your application before needing to be resharpened.
    • Pigment permeable: What does that mean? The colour from the pencil won’t interrupt the absorption of your pigments into the skin.
    • Extra long: so you won’t need to replace it for months!


    Sharpening blade sold separately.

    Always disinfect after application. Never use on broken skin.


    Price does not include VAT.
    UK VAT will be added at checkout for customers within the European Union.

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