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Semi-Flexible 18 Needle U-Profile Microblade

NANOblades - U Shape. 18 Needle


Available singly or in packs of 30 individually sealed, precision microblades. Supplied sterilised, ready to use in all standard microblading pen handles.
Please Note: These are the super-thin Nano blades for experienced artists only!

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    We call this one 'Picasso', because when you know how to use it, it can produce very artistic results.



    • Great for the inner corners of the eyebrows.
    • Super fine lines 
    • Curved hairstrokes AND straight lines.


    The U-Shape needle is one that rewards your ability and your patience. The results you can get from it depend largely on the angle you hold it.



    As it gives fine lines, it is also perfect to use on blonde women with fine natural hair.


    All of our needles are sterilised, and are made from the highest quality stainless steel. 


    Dispose of after use. Do not reuse needles. Suitable for professionals only (no, really!). 


    Price does not include VAT.
    UK VAT will be added at checkout for customers within the European Union.

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