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Below are our training terms and conditions that we ask you to agree to before commencing your course.



The acceptance and fulfillment of the terms of this agreement entitle the Trainee to The Dermagraph Ltd training programs in Semi-Permanent Cosmetics as outlined by the current Dermagraph Microblading Reference Manual and all associated exercises, and promotional material are part of this agreement.


Please read and initial each paragraph to indicate your acceptance of the terms of this training agreement.


I understand that all expenses incurred while traveling to and from the training location and expenses for food and lodging while in training are my responsibility.


I understand that the training will be conducted under the guidance and supervision of competent training personnel. The courses consist of the time stated for each course in the current catalog or brochure. That the skills training will be given using a manual method of applying Semi-Permanent Cosmetics.


I understand that a Dermagraph Certificate of Excellence will only be issued after the course of study is finished and I have completed and submitted eight satisfactory case studies within six months of the date of this agreement. If the required standard is not achieved within this time period, up to two further case studies may be submitted within a one month deadline extension but will be subject to a £50 assessment fee for each submission.  If I have still not reached the required standard, retraining after this date will be charged at half the current cost of the course. A retraining fee will not be charged if the Trainee has been submitting work on a weekly basis but needs corrective coaching to attain qualification within the six month period.


I understand that once my application is accepted by Dermagraph Ltd and my class date has been confirmed, I will receive a training manual with study materials and homework that must be completed and turned in no later than the first day of class. I understand that these assignments are part of my grade.


I understand that in order to benefit from this training, Dermagraph Ltd will require that the student must be able to read, write and comprehend the English language, unless a translator is present in the class. In addition, Dermagraph requires that the student is at least eighteen years of age at the time of enrollment. Dermagraph Ltd reserves the right to reject any applicant for admission who does not meet the requirements for the course selected.


I understand that Dermagraph Ltd reserves the right to change the opening and closing dates of its classes, hours of instruction, equipment, faculty, tuition rates and fees. However, there will be no price changes for any student enrolled under the terms of the Agreement he/she has signed. I understand it is my responsibility to follow all Rules and Policy and Procedure Guidelines set forth by Dermagraph Ltd at all times. Violations of any rules or regulations will constitute grounds for exclusion from further training.


I understand that at no time may the student be present on the campus while intoxicated or under the influence of an illegal substance.


I understand that because of the nature of this training, whereby we are inserting pigment into the skin, on the face of a live model, using a needle(s) in order to apply Permanent Makeup, if at any time the Instructor(s), in their best judgment, feel it is necessary to remove me from the training program or insist on further practice with exercises deemed fit, or to undertake additional reading by the trainer so that the health and safety of the model or any other individual at Dermagraph Ltd or the general public is not in danger, I will comply with their judgment. The Instructor will explain to me verbally and in writing the reason for my removal from the training program. Monies paid will be refunded according to the Dermagraph Ltd refund policy.


I understand that it is my responsibility to contact all of my State and Local Board of Health Agencies, regarding the Rules and Regulations for Semi-Permanent Cosmetics in my area. I understand Dermagraph Ltd, cannot and does not promise or guarantee employment or level of income or wage rate to any trainee or graduate.





The Enrollment Agreement is made according to the Agreement set forth which I have carefully read or have had read to me. I acknowledge that no verbal promises or statements contrary to the terms of this agreement have been made, and I certify that the aforementioned statements of Dermagraph Ltd are true and correct. I understand this Agreement is legal and binding once it has been signed and dated by a representative of Dermagraph Ltd.


I understand that all promotional material, student publications, information both verbal and written acquired by me from Dermagraph Ltd is proprietary, and is not to be distributed or reproduced and is to be used for my personal understanding and information only. I confirm that I am not acquiring information regarding any process or procedure of Dermagraph Ltd for a competitor nor am I representing an entity other than myself. I agree that if I decide not to take the contracted program, I will return all items in my possession regarding or in relation to Dermagraph Ltd within five (5) business days.


I understand that this class does not qualify me to be a teacher in this technique, nor does it form part of my future teaching intentions, within the two years of the completion of the course. Dermagraph Ltd reserves the right to grant permission to teach as a representative of Dermagraph Ltd under the condition that the person(s) demonstrate the requisite abilities, as outlined in the Trainer Agreement.


Full tuition is non-refundable if the trainee cancels on the day of the scheduled training; regardless of any and all personal situations the contract will be non-refundable.


If the student pays for a class and fails to show up for the scheduled training days, regardless of any and all personal situations the contract will be non-refundable. If due to any loss of income to Dermagraph Ltd, and any amount above the cost of the class will be reimbursed to Dermagraph Ltd, within 7 days of last scheduled training date.


I understand that I will be held responsible for all costs involved in the replacement or repair of any equipment or facilities, when such damage is a result of my abuse or misuse of such items or facilities, or which are damaged as a result of my negligence.


I understand that after the training, it is up to me to take what I have learned and use it as I see fit. No offer of employment is made or implied and that there is no guarantee that I will be a working semi-permanent makeup artist. I understand that when I complete the stipulated course dates that the contract is complete, that no refunds are given.


I acknowledge that Dermagraph Ltd reserves the right not to issue a training certificate in instances when the requisite 8 completed case studies are not completed to a satisfactory standard. Further case studies may be requested, at the sole discretion of the Trainer, to ensure the student’s work is of a satisfactory standard.


I acknowledge that case studies must be submitted within 6 months of the course completion date and that the Instructor is not obligated to respond after this date. If the Instructor grants a one month extension, any further assessments will be charged at £50 per submission. After a one month extension, a retrain will be required to continue assessment. I understand that case studies will not be responded to on the same day of their submission, and that I should submit them for full assessment in an email format.


I understand that retraining in full or part will only be free of charge if I have been regularly submitting work for assessment and will be carried out within six months of the date of this agreement. Retraining after this date will be charged at 50% of the cost of tuition at the time of retraining.

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