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Professional Microblading Documentation Pack (5 x 50 forms)

Professional Microblading Documentation Pack (5 x 50 forms)


The complete set of paperwork needed for your microblading clients. Consent Agreements, Medical Questionnaires, Client Record Cards, Aftercare Leaflets and Infill Appointment Cards. Save 15% by buying this set of 50 of all 5 forms. and ensure that you comply with licensing regulations.

  • Additional Information

    Most licensing authorities insist that you maintain records of your treatments and provide comprehensive information to your clients. The Dermagraph® documentation pack satisfies your licesing obligations and shows that you're a professional.

    Each Pack Contains 50 of each:

    • Form 1 - Medical Questionnaires for completion by your client at the consultation. Identifies contraindications and helps you assess your client's suitability for treatment.
    • Form 2 - Consent Agreement to be completed prior to treatment. Outlines responsibilities and scope of the treatment so that your client is informed of what to expect.
    • Form 3 - Client Record Card contains all the relevant information about your client and the treatment that he/she receives. This is mandatory information for every licensing authority that we have come across.
    • Form 4 - Aftercare Leaflets containing all the guidance your client will need post procedure and will help to avoid infection and complication in the healing process. Licensing authorities will usually require you to ensure that your client is given this guidance following treatment.
    • Infill Appointment Cards - Double sided cards with key advice to help your client look after their new brows and encourage them to book an appointment for their infill.
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