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Microblading Practice Skins

Microblading Practice Skins


High quality rubber 'skins' in five exclusive designs to help you practice microblade hairstrokes before progressing to live models. Each skin is designed to complement the exercises that you will need to complete a full set of brows.

Buy the full set or the skin for each exercise to sharpen your technique. Blank skins also available.

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  • Further Information

    Complementing the Dermagraph® training programme, these skin designs have been developed to enhance your skills with the microblade pen. Working through the set will ensure that you are able to execute the range of hair strokes that will be needed in the completed eyebrow treatment. Practicing will provide you with invaluable experience of pressure and resistance before executing hairstrokes on real skin. The density of the synthetic rubber has been designed to provide a similar resistance to that of the skin around the eyebrows.

    Buy the complete set of six skins to cover all microblading stroke groups or buy  individual exercises to sharpen your skills.

    Also available as blank, unprinted skins to practice your own stroke designs.

    Each skin is 193mm x 144mm and individually wrapped.


    Price does not include VAT.
    UK VAT will be added at checkout for customers within the European Union.

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