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Dermagraph® Microblading Rulers

Microblading Brow Rulers - Disposable (30pcs)


Precision is important, when the margin for error is small. Packs of 30 laminated, disposable microblading rulers, graduated both sides to help in marking out the perfect brow for your client.

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    We’ve designed these disposable rulers just for PMU and microblading eyebrow design!

    They’re flexible and all of the key guides are highlighted on the ruler, so you know where to begin your arch and tail. 

    There’s even a little thumb tab for you to hold the ruler so your finger tips don’t interfere with your measurements. 

    As every microblader knows - there’s 1mm between a good eyebrow, and a perfect eyebrow, so the right measurements are verrrry important.

    Dispose of after each use.

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