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Angled Hard 18 Needle Microblade

Microblades - Angled Hard. 18 Needle

This blade is suited to long, straight strokes and gentle curves. The width of the blade aids stability for even strokes with great feel and fine control over depth. Supplied in packs of 30 or 50 blades.
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    Long straight strokes or slight curves with varied depth? No other blade does it better.


    • Control over depth of cut on different skin types.
    • Great stability for straight and even strokes.

    Hard needles give greater control over pressure and depth of cut but they need an experienced hand to ensure that the stroke is not too deep. 

    All of our needles are sterilised, and are made from the highest quality stainless steel. 

    Dispose of after use. Do not reuse needles. Suitable for professionals only (no, really!). 


    Price does not include VAT.
    UK VAT will be added at checkout for customers within the European Union.

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