Cinnamon Royale - 2550

Medium brown with yellow tones and an organic warm base. (8ml)
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    Cinnamon Royale Composition:

    • 5% Orange.
    • 5% Black.
    • 5% Blue.
    • 10% Red.
    • 30% White.
    • 50% Yellow.


    These pigments are designed for peak absorption and crisp, clean long-lasting microblading hairstrokes. 


    The viscosity (or thickness) of our microblading range is slightly runnier than most pigments as it is a hydrophilic (or ‘water-bonding’) composition, and as it is also highly concentrated, this ensures high absorption in the skin; so your results last!


    Shake well prior to use, and mix throughout your application.


    Alcohol free! Made in Spain.


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