What Needle Should I Use for Microblading!?

Having difficulty choosing the right microblading needle?

Then this is the video for you. Soula Kou gives an intro into the advantages and disadvantages of each needle type.


If you don’t know the difference between a 9 flexi and a 9 hard, or a 12, 14 and 21… and it sounds like I am talking Chinese right now….Then this is the video for you!

Let’s start of ….by discussing the difference between ‘flexi’ and ‘hard’ needles.

‘Flexi needles’ are ideal for beginners, because they are flexible they can absorb some of the pressure so they give a softer superficial hairstroke, because of that absorption. On some occasions though you may need to repeat the hairstroke on the 2nd pass in order to get the desired intensity.

They are ideal for sensitive or thin / aged and compromised skins.

they are bound together using soft leather or synthetic fabric which is what gives them their characteristic flexiness.

“Hard needles” are the ‘divas’ of the needle world. They are for bold, confident results… and as such, should only be used by confident artists. Because there is zero absorption of the shock, they tend to go deeper into the skin with less pressure as they are wrapped with metal there is no shock absorption, resulting in more definition in your hairstrokes.