Do You Sterilise Your Own Microblading Tools or Throw them Away?

Firstly, it should be said that blades are always single-use and must be disposed of after every treat- ment. There are no cleaners or sterilisers that can sterilise the tiny needles reliably enough to allow them to be used again with confidence. With other tools such as the blade handles (pens), you have a choice of whether to clean, sterilise and re-use, or to use pre-sterilised disposables.

Cost plays an important role in the decision whether to save or sling your tools but, if you do opt for re-using, you have to absolutely confident that you're able to remove 100% of the potentially harmful pathogens hidden on your tools before they can be safely used again. Using a disinfectant, such as Barbicide is not enough for any tool that comes into contact with broken skin.

If you do choose to clean and sterilise your own tools you will need a professional vacuum autoclave machine and an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Pressure only, sterilisers are not suitable for microblading pens as they can only sterilise solid, unwrapped metal tools. Microblading tools have cavities that can harbour microbes so, to ensure they are properly sterilised, they will need to be processed in the more expensive vacuum type machine. These machines will sterilise solid and hollow implements that are either wrapped or not. They will also carry out their sterilising programme automatically and provide a printout or electronic log of the process for your records.