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Microblading Step by Step

Microblading is a hot topic in the world of beauty and no wonder!! Gorgeous, realistic hairstrokes that last for a year and fade more naturally than a permanent eyebrow tattoo, what's not to love? Imagine waking up every day with brows on point and designed to perfectly match your face.. you could hit the snooze button a couple of times or have another cuppa before you face the day..

Because this treatment is semi-permanent, it's important that it's done right. A quick flick through YouTube will show you the basics of the technique but that's not enough. Microblade artists have a responsibility to their clients and themselves to train properly and safely. Our training lasts for a full 5 days in the classroom and is followed by an extensive programme of case study feedback and many hours of practice before graduation. Honestly, that's what you need to become proficient in this challenging technique. If you're looking for a semi-permant makeup artist that you can trust, look no further than a Dermagraph® certified technician. You can rest assured that they've had the most extensive training possible.

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