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" 2 or 3 day microblading courses cannot cover all aspects of this treatment. If you're looking for the best semi-permanent makeup training, with small class sizes and unlimited support... choose Dermagraph Microblading. "

  • Award Winning 5 Day Microblading Course

  • Accredited by both ABT & Beauty Guild

  • Weekly Zoom Seminars following Training

  • Course Content exceeds Level 4 

  • International Reputation for Excellence

  • Exclusive Pro Kit and Training Materials

  • Small Class Size (4 maximum)

  • 4 Month Retrain for Free Guarantee

Beauty Guild Accredited Badge
ABT Accredited Microblading Course

COVID 19 STATUS UPDATE - October 2022

According to the UK Government's roadmap out of lockdown, from April 12 2021, Facial treatments such as microblading can resume with adequate safety and distancing procedures in place.

Our online shop is open for all your permanent makeup essentials.

Training courses have resumed, with additional measures to distance and protect against infection. We are, therefore, taking bookings for classes listed on our training page. The safety of Students and Staff is our main concern; If the situation changes, or we are prevented from holding courses on the published dates by a Government directive such as a local lockdown, deposits will be refunded in full.

Award Winning Eyebrow Microblading Class



Specialists in the art and science of eyebrow microblading with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Dermagraph® are leaders in semi-permanent makeup techniques.

Microblading for eyebrows is a hot topic right now, you may have heard it called micro-stroking, feather touch or eyebrow embroidery but the method of creating realistic and semi permanent hair strokes is essentially the same.

Manual cosmetic tattooing differs from conventional machine tattooing in that you are not implanting blocks of permanent colour, you are creating lines that mimic real hairs in the skin. Microblade lines, properly executed, stand up to all but the closest scutiny, they are crisp, perfectly defined and look amazing! The fact that they fade more naturally than a deep permanent tattoo means that with a yearly top up they can carry on looking fantastic for ever. 


To read more about us and find out what makes the Dermagraph Microblading Course the UK's leading SPMU training... Click below.

Award Winning Microblading Course
Microblade Masters



Microblading supplies
KremaKroma Microblading Pigment



Student on Professional Microblading Course

Our Award Winning micropigmentation classes are the gold standard in microblade training.

We have one simple objective... to make you a great microblader.

Our 5-Day Microblading Masterclass will give you a head start in your new career as a fully qualified, semi-permanent brow artist.




Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, used to create ultra-fine lines in the upper layers of the skin. While this treatment can be used for lip tattoos and permanent eyeliner, it really comes into it's own when used to create natural looking eyebrow hairs. The subtle effect enhances facial features rather than overpowering them. Unlike machine tattooing, they don't stay with you for life, allowing them to be redesigned to suit your face and look, as it changes over time, it's no wonder that microblading has become such a hot beauty trend.


Conventional tattooing implants pigment inks deeper into the skin. This means that a machine tattoo will last longer but also that the colour will be less sharply defined. The machine makes a series of dots and, in the deeper layers of the skin, the edges of these dots can spread into each other and the surrounding tissue. This helps if you are trying to achieve a block colour effect but makes it less suitable for creating crisp, defined lines.

If you're one of the very few people with perfect natural brows, then microblading  probably isn't for you. If you spend any length of time plucking, shaping, trimming or applying makeup, you'll appreciate the benefits of waking up to perfectly proportioned natural brows every single day. No more overplucking as you try to balance each side or wishing that your brows were just a little bolder. Some may say that it's expensive, you should expect to pay at least £400 for a good quality treatment, but that's only just over a pound per day for the life of the treatment. For maintenance-free brows that are professionally designed to complement your face, that seems a small price to pay.


Like to have a set of gorgeous Microbladed Brows for free? All we ask is that you let us use a before and after picture to show off the skill of the students on the Dermagraph Microblading Course. All work is overseen by one of our Microblade Masters and designed to your specification. This treatment would normally cost £350 so places are strictly limited.

Check out the before and after pictures of models from previous microblading courses on our Facebook page to see the stunning transformation that can be achieved.


If you would like to join the Dermagraph® Model Club please send a picture that clearly shows your brows in a message to our Facebook page or by email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Eyebrow Microblading Before & After
Dermagraph Microblading Contact


Please enter your details and tell us which location you'd like to attend.. 

Prices are from £2499 + VAT for the London Microblading Course and $3400 + Tax in New York and Miami.

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